‘Trespasser’ Folding Screen (wood)


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A completely new design in the store is Trespasser, a beautifully hand cut wooden folding screen, or paravent. Its shape is inspired by the many gates and vents in the SellFable Machine world, shaped by gentle hands of androids. A Machine Relic, built with the deep intense longing to become human and have a soul. ‘Machines don’t have feelings’, as the saying goes. Any machine that thinks otherwise is ‘trespassing’ into dangerous territory.

​It is the SellFable Archivists’ firm belief that this screen symbolises the divide between humans and machines.

Trespasser (and it brothers and sisters) can be made to your specifications to fit in any environment. Feel free to contact the Archivist with your inquiries.

  • Size: 244x244cm
  • 5 handmade panels
  • 18mm multiplex
  • Black / grey tainted wood

For ordering, shipping costs quotes and bespoke screen production, please send and email for more information to: lost@sellfable.com

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