Under Black Skies

Like an ink stain, the SellFable machine noir universe is slowly spreading out and infecting our world. One SellFable creature is born into our world. In our ignorance we would label it an android, for lack of a better word. But it is lost and alone in our decaying, hostile world. Here to be programmed, judged, labelled, identified, classified…

An impression of the performance and the complete soundscape can be found below.

The event took place at La Fee Verte, Rotterdam. Performance by dancer Alina Fejzo and the SellFable Archivist.

Artworks, murals, costumes, and soundscape by SellFable.

Impression of the ‘Under Black Skies” performance

Hair by Jerry @ La Fee Verte
Photo impression shot by Lindy Balduk


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January 18, 2018