SellFable is a machine noir universe, inhabited by electric creatures that long to possess a consciousness and emotions, and to be part of something akin to nature. Like an ink stain, it slowly creeps into our increasingly digital and detached world. 

SellFable thrives on the energy of its inhabitants, Machine Relics, Lost Mechanic Orphans and System Bugs. 

 A possessed solitary person called The Archivist collects and arranges archival materials about the SellFable Universe. He travels around the world to research, haunted by fragments of machine language poetry. Evidence has been found online, and offline in cities all over the world. SellFable Relics can be found in any location, shape, or form… you will recognise one when you see one. 

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Image: SellFable room divider interior (photo by Nika Kramer)

SellFable: a machine noir universe that thrives on the energy of its inhabitants. Like an ink stain, it slowly creeps into our world.


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