Original woodengraving SellFable Relic: Dream


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Dream is an image of a SellFable citizen. She (She: citizens are for a large part android like. Gender is not a relevant issue in this universe – you are what you are, or what you may become) is looking at something outside the picture. I have been unable to determine what captured her interest. But I really like guessing and imagining things. It gets you to places you have never been before.

This wood engraving was cut in cherry wood. Then handprinted on Chinese rice paper and mounted on a wood block. Varnished and embellished with machine code, spray paint, signature and the official SellFable Archival stamp.

The engraving itself is limited to an edition of 50. Because of the mounting and embellishments, each resulting work will be different.

Size: 5,8 x 10,5 x 1,8cm
Signed and numbered.


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