SellFable Universe

The SellFable Universe is a machine noir world that thrives on the energy of its inhabitants. Like an ink stain, it slowly creeps into our world, tainting systems, leaving evidence of its existence: Machine relicsLost Mechanic Orphans, SFC System Bugs, fragments of machine language poetry… Evidence has been found and recorded worldwide, in the streets of cities such as New York, Berlin and Rotterdam. So called “Machine Relics” can be found in any location, shape, or form… you will recognise one when you see one.

The SellFable Archivist

Dear visitor. I am the SFC Archivist. Archeologist, researcher of all things relating to SellFable. I am the keeper of the SellFable Archives. My one and only task is guarding the SFC Machine Relics and all the lost and found items that came in to this world.

SellFable… Very little is known about this dark, magical machine world. Installations and objects like “Machine Relics”, images, murals, and other manifestations have appeared all over the world.

All found materials and evidence are studied and then carefully archived. Research is progressing steadily, as the amount of evidence is slowly but surely increasing. System bugs have been sighted and archived. They are smart and adapt themselves to our networks, infiltrating homes and systems.

Determination of date, age, exact origin, meaning and function is hard, because most of the laws of nature that apply in our world don’t  seem to apply in SellFable City. However, electricity seems to play an important role in this unpredictable machine universe.

Names, voices, fleeting sounds and machine language poems, roaming characters that somehow seem to be related to this place, require much more research. It is a journey of discovery, and there is no other way but to continue.

This world with its enigmatic characters and 69.. many.. 69 73 20 73 6f stories.. 69 73 20 73 6f 20 68 virus.. 75 6e 67 72 79 2c 20 74 68 69 73 20 77 6f 72 6c 64 lost.. 20 73 6f 20 74 65 6d 70 74 69 6e 67 2e 2e 2e…

The SellFable City language, poetry

SellFable City is a living machine world. It communicates via a form of machine language, that is alien to us. However, upon entering our world, this language is commonly translate into hexadecimal code that we can translate into human language. Sometimes other known coding languages may appear. Peculiar as it may seem, the machine world communication often sounds like poetry to us. Which may indicate that the ‘ghost in the SellFable City shell’, is an emotional entity.
To assist you in translating, (and maybe even communicating with SellFable City!) I have some tools for you:

Hexadecimal Code translation

The lower case text alfabet: a=61 b=62 c=63 d=64 e=65 f=66 g=67 h=68 i=69 j=6a k=6b l=6c m=6d n=6e o=6f p=70 q=71 r=72 s=73 t=74 u=75 v=76 w=77 x=78 y=79 z=7a

Use this convenient website for translations:


Get Lost...

SellFable is a Machine Noir universe that slowly creeps into our world. This website collects the growing number of relics, archives and knowledge about this dark but poetic realm.

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