The SellFable universe is slowly creeping into our world.

Impression of “SellFable : Under Black Skies” performance on 28 January 2018 in Rotterdam, with Alina Fejzo and Daniel van Nes

One SellFable creature is born into our world. In our ignorance we would call it an android, for lack of a better word. Alone and blank, it is thrown into in our decaying, hostile world. Destined to be programmed and weighed, labelled and identified, branded and classified.


The SFC Archivist would like to share a video of the recent SellFable installation Urban Nation, Berlin (May 19 / We Broke Night) with you:


An upper caste SellFable Citizen is plugged in to a Charging Carrousel, by a lower chaste member of the community. The goal is to donate life energy to SellFable City, which is done by every single citizen on a regular basis. It keeps the city alive, up and running. While discharging their energy, citizens are simultaneously updated with useful data, new tasks, viruses and counter viruses, etc.

Hallucinating is part of the experience for the creatures that undergo the ritual. And while the visions and dreams are as diverse as our own dreams, the visions for Circuit Circus have been captured in virtual reality, here:

This ritual was part of the ‘Circuit Circus’ exhibition at TETEM in Enschede.

Art, Art direction & SFC concept: Daniël van Nes
Soundscapes: Friso van Wijck
Curator TETEM: Ella Buzo
Video shot and editing: Coen Oudejans



SellFable City Sidewalk Chalk (Poetry International, Rotterdam)


SFC Machine Relic Footage




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